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Junkers Ju 88: Combat Machines No.3


My latest book has just been published. It is on the Junkers Ju 88 (the World War Two German bomber) and is number three in the Airfix Model World/Key Publishing ‘Combat Machines’ series. I wrote the first volume in this series, on the B-17 Flying Fortress, during late 2016. I then helped with the second volume in the series, on the B-25 Mitchell. This third volume is the largest yet, at 100 pages. Unfortunately the Airfix Model World website does not credit me as the writer (thanks for nothing), but it is genuinely one of mine – take a look inside the publication itself and I am credited as the author, and I also wrote the Foreword too.


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Nocturnal Rapide

Sky Neon article DSCF1726

Recently published, my latest feature for ‘Airfix Model World’ magazine, in the January 2018 issue.  It relates to a British company named Sky Neon, which used a de Havilland Dragon Rapide for aerial advertising during the 1950s. It’s something a little different.

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Six-Gun River


Recently published, my latest feature in ‘Airfix Model World’ magazine, November 2017 issue. It’s a naval history article concerning a Japanese light cruiser from World War Two, the IJN Yahagi – with specific reference to the ship’s final action during April 1945.

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Sea-Going Saviour

In the August Airfix Model World, Malcolm tells the story of the Supermarine Walrus amphibious flying boat – the “Shagbat”.


amw august 17

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Twin-Jet Terror

In the August Airfix Model World’s Me262 supplement, Malcolm explores the story of the ground breaking jet.


amw august 17

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Carpathian Classic

I had the pleasure during April to visit Hungary and participate in the international model show at Mosonmagyaróvár. This excellent event is one of the largest model shows on mainland Europe and a meeting-place for modellers from all over the Continent, as well as from further afield. My article on this show (words and pictures) was published in the August issue of Airfix Model World. A selection of more of my photographs taken at the show was also included on the magazine’s official website – Moson Model Show. My thanks in particular to my Hungarian friends from SBS Model for their hospitality during my visit to their country.


amw august 17


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Storm on a Flat Top

The July 2017 issue of Airfix Model World contains two articles of mine – my report on the excellent  Poole Vikings Model Show  that took place in early April 2017 (which is, in effect, my ‘home’ show), and a history feature on the Hawker Sea Hurricane from World War Two. The latter contains a number of rare archive images and I have been congratulated by readers on the content of this interesting feature.

AMW July 2017 cover small

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