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Spitfire Mk.XIV

The March 2019 issue of ‘Airfix Model World’ magazine contains my four-page history of a major Spitfire version, the Mk.XIV. This is also the cover story of the magazine.

This incidentally is Issue 100 of ‘Airfix Model World’ magazine, and I have been a regular contributor since Issue 2, and so it’s a nice achievement.


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My new ‘FlyPast’ features

The January 2019 issue of ‘FlyPast’ contains several of my feature articles, including two in the monthly ‘Spotlight’ series. These concentrate on the Bell P-63 Kingcobra and the XFL-1 Airabonita.

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Me 262 and Blenheim

Catching up, the November 2018 issue of ‘Airfix Model World’ was a bumper issue for me, with two major history articles.

One of these was my feature on the night-fighter version of the World War Two Bristol Blenheim – as additionally seen on the front cover of that issue. Also included was my large history feature on the two-seat versions of the Messerschmitt Me 262 German jet from World War Two – and its use after the war in Czechoslovakia. This was a very easy subject for me – I have already written a book on this subject, published by 4+ Publications in Prague.

4+ Publications – http://www.4pluspublications.com/…/61-messerschmitt-me-262-…


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Bristol Sycamore feature

Recently published, the latest in my long line of history articles for ‘Airfix Model World’ magazine. This time, in the December 2018 issue, the Bristol Sycamore helicopter.

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Historic Jeep

At last some model-making that I had time to do in France has been successful in a little competition. Several of you have seen this miniature model grow from a heap of tiny parts into . . . a tiny model. For the modellers amongst you it is the old 1/72 Hasegawa Jeep, built mainly from the box but with a few additions and changes to try to make it look more ‘Jeep-like’. Most of the work was carried out on my all-new modelling set-up in France. I wonder if the nazi brexit-loving mob at Westminster will ever let me go there again after March next year? Anyway at the recent Poole Vikings meeting the themed competition was ‘The New Forest and D-Day’ in which the little monster did win a Silver Medal. A word of thanks to Robin who lives in my part of France for helping with the red paint . . .DSCF6010 small

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Model Show at Bovington

This weekend (October 13-14, 2018) is the South West Model Show at The Tank Museum, Bovington. It’s a big show in a big museum, and features a lot of clubs and traders. The Poole Vikings Model Club has been there in force, with a very large display stand. I had the pleasure to attend on the Saturday along with several members of the club. It was an excellent day, and a real pleasure to visit the museum once again. There is an important family connection because my Granddad was stationed at Bovington for a part of his British Army service.

These photos are just a part of our display – I had the honour to exhibit several of my Dad’s models once more, in addition to some of my own. And yes, the two bearded gentlemen are two of our (esteemed) members!


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Model Show Date for 2019

Here’s news for all you model show regulars out there. The date is confirmed for next year’s Poole Vikings Model Show, hosted by the Poole Vikings Model Club. It will be April 13th, 2019 – as usual at Parkstone Grammar School, Poole, Dorset. I write this one up every year for the modelling press and so see you there . . .

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