Junkers Ju 88: Combat Machines No.3


My latest book has just been published. It is on the Junkers Ju 88 (the World War Two German bomber) and is number three in the Airfix Model World/Key Publishing ‘Combat Machines’ series. I wrote the first volume in this series, on the B-17 Flying Fortress, during late 2016. I then helped with the second volume in the series, on the B-25 Mitchell. This third volume is the largest yet, at 100 pages. Unfortunately the Airfix Model World website does not credit me as the writer (thanks for that), but it is genuinely one of mine – take a look inside the publication itself and I am credited as the author, and I also wrote the Foreword too.


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1 Response to Junkers Ju 88: Combat Machines No.3

  1. Bruce Goodwin says:

    Hi Malcolm, I don’t doubt it is one of yours. An interesting subject matter too. My late uncle was the navigator in a Mosquito, they shot one down, over Biscay I believe.


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