8. Modelling Projects

On this Page I’m showing some of the projects that I’m currently working on – both new-builds, and renovations of old and damaged models.


A Little Junkers

I recently had a book published on the Junkers Ju 88 by Key Publishing, and so it’s appropriate that I’ve got a little model project related to that subject.

It’s the old Crown 1/144 kit of the Junkers Ju 88A bomber. I got it at the IPMS Salisbury model show in June this year (2018). Someone had made a start on it, but had obviously got disillusioned with it very quickly. Anyway I’ve collected together all the parts, pulled apart what had been started, and glued it up properly in the correct order and in the right places. The cockpit area was solid and so I’ve opened it up with a mini-drill and will now fit a full cockpit interior. I produce resin seats in 1/144 scale and so two will go into this one. As can be seen, a lot of filler has been needed already. I’m converting it from the Ju 88A bomber into a Ju 88C heavy fighter, and so it’s necessary to scratch-build a completely new nose and lower fuselage entrance, play around with the incorrect engine cowlings, build up the fuselage aft of the cockpit, and generally tidy up the whole airframe. A lot of the filler that I use is Perfect Plastic Putty, with some Squadron Green Stuff when needed. The model will be overall black when finished (decals from Owl in the Czech Republic), unless I can find a more colourful alternative.