FlyPast November 2016 content

 I first wrote for FlyPast magazine during the early 1990s, and I have now returned to contributing to this fantastic and big-selling publication. The November 2016 issue contains two of my news stories, reflecting my highly-valued connections with Museums and researchers across Europe. A place of worship for me is the Letecké Muzeum (Aviation Museum) at Kbely on the outskirts of Prague in the Czech Republic. I have been a regular visitor there for well over 20 years. Just recently I was present at the placing on display of the beautiful, newly-restored Mil Mi-4A helicopter ex of the Czechoslovak Air Force, and a very nice photo of mine is in the new (November 2016) FlyPast of this very smart helicopter. Also in the same issue is my brief coverage of the recent opening of a new Museum in Hampshire, on the site of the old RAF Sopley  camp and radar installation, by the   the Friends of the New Forest Airfields.


Prague Military Museums

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  1. Ron L says:

    Flypast is a great magazine. I’ll watch for your articles!

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