Poole Vikings Model Show 2019

I had the pleasure to attend yesterday (April 13) the annual Poole Vikings Model Show. It was an extremely good and successful event. Many excellent models on display, and a full car park of visitors. Well done to all concerned in the running of this successful show, and nice to meet many old friends from the visiting clubs and traders.

(Shown here some random images that I made of just a small number of the many fantastic models that were on display).

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2 Responses to Poole Vikings Model Show 2019

  1. Bruce Goodwin says:

    Hi Malcolm,

    I am in Bournemouth, having visited my aunt for her 100th birthday 🎂 weekend!

    Tomorrow (Monday morning) I am travelling back to Cornwall. I could call on you for 40 mins at about 10am if you are available?


    Sent from my iPad


  2. pvchairman says:

    Hello Bruce, Great to hear from you. Aww sorry, it would be great to meet but I’m away from this evening until Wednesday on Key Publishing (‘FlyPast’ magazine) business. Things are very hectic with the anniversary of D-Day coming up. We have even hired a two-seat Spitfire for early June to do air-to-air coverage of the parachute drop over the beaches from the C-47 formation.


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