Mosquito Special

My latest project for Key Publishing has been to co-write the Mosquito modelling special that was published during the past few days (March 2017). I have two articles in this special on various aspects of the Mosquito’s history. The publication was co-written by several writers in addition to myself and features a lot of history and model-building (I didn’t make any of the models, just wrote some of the history). Apparently it’s selling really well.

Mosquito front cover (1)

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2 Responses to Mosquito Special

  1. andybird235 says:

    So which articles did you write? Malcolm


    • pvchairman says:

      Hello, Thanks for your message. I just took a look at your site, some very interesting posts. Love that air-to-air of an RAF Typhoon II escorting RF-94122 ’20 Red’ named ‘Dubna’. My two articles in the Mosquito Special are on the Molins gun-equipped Mosquito, and the B.IV’s history and operations. I firstly write about the Molins gun Mosquitos some years ago and received very useful feedback, which was subsequently incorporated into the more recent article.


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