Model Show Date for 2019

Here’s news for all you model show regulars out there. The date is confirmed for next year’s Poole Vikings Model Show, hosted by the Poole Vikings Model Club. It will be April 13th, 2019 – as usual at Parkstone Grammar School, Poole, Dorset. I write this one up every year for the modelling press and so see you there . . .

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Dioramas ‘Special’

Just published, Airfix Model World’s ‘Special’ on modelling dioramas. I can’t claim to have any model-making features in this one, but I did supply a series of original photos from my photo collection of Yugoslav Partisans and German WWII ground equipment. It’s nice to see more of the original images from my extensive photo collection being published. Please contact me if you would like to know more about my photo collection, and what I have available.





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New in FlyPast magazine

The new issue of FlyPast (October 2018) contains my 6-page feature article on the Armstrong Whitworth Meteor night fighters of the 1950s. I am very pleased that Chris Clifford has now become Editor of this magazine, looking forward to more collaboration in the future.

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Bournemouth Air Festival 2018

I spent the first Saturday of September with my great friends and my wonderful Goddaughter taking in the Bournemouth Air Festival. This is a seafront air show and so plenty of things flying around, but no static display because there is no airfield involved. Nevertheless it was worth the visit, particularly with the beautiful early September weather.

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Old Sarum model show 2018

The Old Sarum model show of 2018 was held on Sunday, August 12. Staged by the volunteers of the Boscombe Down museum, which is situated at Old Sarum, the show was held in awful weather – the nice summer in southern England having completely ended. The Poole Vikings Model Club was there in force, as was also the Poole Scale Modellers. The web-site address of the Poole Vikings is on the banner at the front of the stand.

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50th Anniversary of the Letecké Muzeum

2018 marks the 50th Anniversary of the opening of what is nowadays called the Letecké Muzeum at Kbely military airport on the outskirts of Prague in the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia). Bearing in mind the political turmoil that was taking place in Czechoslovakia during 1968 it is amazing that the museum not only survived but actually prospered. Today it is one of the world’s great aviation museums. I have been visiting the museum since the early days of the freedom that resulted following the ending of the Berlin Wall, and have photographed the many changes that have taken place in the past quarter century there (and indeed in the city of Prague itself). Recently I helped the museum’s staff with the production of a major catalogue, in English, of the museum’s treasure of exhibits – there are now over three hundred aircraft and helicopters on the museum’s books. I also write updates for FlyPast magazine from time to time on the museum’s activities and restoration projects. The accompanying image (taken by me) shows one of the museum’s aircraft that I have ‘taken under my wing’, a very rare photo-reconnaissance MiG-15bis R.  Thankfully it is now under cover after years standing outside. The museum has recently expanded the number of buildings that it has available for keeping its exhibits inside, and this has allowed many more of its precious aircraft to be saved from being in the open air during the often undesirable Central European winters.

MiG-15bis R IMG_0296 small

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New French Museum and its P-47 Thunderbolt

In the April 2018 issue of Pilot magazine I had published a very appropriate news story. It concerns the new Normandy Victory Museum in northern France, a museum that I know well due to my many French connections. The museum recently put on display outside a full-size replica of a P-47D Thunderbolt. My news editor in Pilot magazine is Peter R March, who I have had the pleasure to contribute to for many years.

Pilot montage April 2018


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